Suppling Superfast Broadband To Our Rural Farm Stay

With the increase of our reliance on mobile technology and the need to be online all of the time, sadly for us, a landline is no longer able to deliver the speeds our 3 property farm stay with occupancy of up to 18 guests at any one-time demands.

Despite a government commitment to supplying superfast broadband to rural locations, this has significantly failed most outlying rural communities. Historically after the war, there was a shortage in copper wire, aluminum cable was used as an alternative, over the years these cables suffer from white oxidisation causing a breakdown in the conductivity, resulting in extremely low speeds.

Our 4G Solution

Thanks to Vodaphone we have a 4G network within sight of the farm and a Draytek Vigor 2927 Router with an external ariel we are achieving some amazing speeds through our unlimited Data Sim.

The Router is capable of running 2 sims from different networks and intelligently streams data on-demand maintaining high download and upload speeds to each of our guest accommodation areas, each property has a router to distribute the hard-wired 4g data and even reaches each of our Hot tubs should our guests require Wifi in the Salt Water Spa, though of course we would rather you relax rather than accidentally submerging your mobile device.

We have found “Broadband buyer” to be the most competitive and their staff are extremely helpful:

During Lockdown we significantly invested in our infrastructure building a new barn, and guest outside dining area, and of course wifi has been extended to these too so guests can Instagram from the lambing shed, we also have lamb cams which allow us to safeguard our livestock from anywhere on the farm.

For more information on our accommodation options please visit us here: Accommodation Options

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