Knife & Axe Throwing

Try your hand at Axe & Knife throwing in the Safety of our field £75 per Hour with a group size of up to 6 persons. (Farm Stay Guest Rate Only external rate POA)

One hour of thrilling adventure and fun, why not bring a picture of something you would like to aim at. A photo of your Ex is always popular or a politician.

Stuck for ideas?

Participants: Please Wear Closed Toe shoes for this activity

It’s time to gather your friends, family, or anyone willing to come and experience the addictive sport of RURAL AXE  and KNIFE THROWING! It’s designed for first-timers. You will be aiming out into the field so everyone is safe. There really is nothing else like it. 

The session includes; a safety session, how to throw. Game time. And finally, Crown the winner! The best way we describe it is DARTS ON STEROIDS! 

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