Our Green Environment

Our Green Environment- We want our guests to book with us, safe in the knowledge that the farm is striving to achieve a carbon-neutral status in every aspect of the business. We are working with Climate Essentials through Worcestershire County Council to shape a brighter future.

Providing A Green Travel Destination is our Business

As part of the Farm’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, we have introduced a range of technologies and practical measures to ensure that your stay with us, does not cost the earth.


To provide you with amazing accommodation that does not cost the earth!


Our Environmental Responsibility
At Oaks Barn Farm, we constantly challenge ourselves to provide the right environment for our guests. To achieve this we source locally whenever possible and encourage our guests to do the same.  Our Biomass fuel is from renewable sources and has eliminated the reliance on fossil fuels for all of our heating requirements.

We also realise the need to protect our natural environment and, as such, we place huge importance on the management of these precious resources. Over time, we have been implementing policies and systems designed to reduce the impact we have on our natural environment.

Water Conservation
We continue to reduce the volumes of water used by the introduction of fittings and equipment that eliminates the excessive use of water. These measures include water-efficient showerheads and toilet cisterns.

Livestock benefit from our on-site rainwater harvesting

A Salt Water Hot Tub is now available to book with each of our three properties the water is heated and pumps run by our solar panels, using salt instead of chlorine provides our guests with a safe alternative to chlorine and water is then used for plant irrigation.

A septic tank with feather drains minimises the requirement to dispose of human waste.

Salt Water Hot Tub is now available to book with all properties, the water is heated and pumps run by our solar panels, using salt instead of chlorine provides our guests with a safe alternative to chlorine and water is then used for plant irrigation.

In house Laundry

All of our linen is Washed to 60 degrees (in line with COVID Guidance) on-site we do not use tumble dryers instead we have a dedicated drying room that uses surplus heat from our Biomass plant room, This considerably reduces our transport costs taking linen off-site to be processed and lessens our carbon footprint.

Energy Conservation

In November 2013 we commissioned our Solar installation which generates power for the farmhouse and exports surplus power back to the National Grid.  This produces a third of our annual consumption.

Working with Pro-Fit Energy installing battery capacity for solar energy storage, is an exciting project which will move us closer to our off-grid power independence. We have installed a 10KW battery and plan to increase this capacity following our year 1 trial.

Energy efficient lighting throughout our accommodation and solar lighting to the external areas of the site. We monitor energy usage and have implemented systems to reduce wastage. The positive consequences of this are a reduction of carbon in the atmosphere through the more efficient use of energy.

All rooms have thermostatically controlled radiators to adjust the temperature of each room according to need.

Launched in 2008, our waste management programme directs our waste from landfill towards “Reduce, Re-use and Recycle”. We are now extracting glass, cardboard, newspapers and aluminium cans from our waste streams.

Can crushers are installed to each property to help reduce waste volumes.

Food waste is composted and meat products are fed to our dogs.

Smoke-Free Zone
Since 1st May 2008, smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas at Oaks Barn Farm.

The primary purpose of the prohibition is to afford protection to staff and the public who are exposed to harmful environmental tobacco smoke. We respectfully ask all our guests to comply with this request.

Locally Sourced Food

A selection of our own meats are available to purchase directly from the farm, these include Sausage, Pork & Lamb

We have many excellent Farm Shops selling locally produced food these are promoted on our web site.

Growing our own fruit, vegetables and meats, Our eggs are from our own free-range chickens and our animal foods are locally sourced.

Supporting rare breeds including British Saddleback Pigs Gloucester Old Spot & British Lop eared pigs.

What can you do?
During your stay, you could help us by doing the following…
Turn off all lights when leaving your room.
Turn off the TV when leaving your room. Remember, leaving a TV on standby uses energy too.
If your room is hot, turn the heating down (or ask us to) before opening windows.
If your room is cold, check for open windows and turn up your radiator Thermostat

Don’t throw/take away the glass water bottles, we recycle and re-use these.
Place towels that need changing in the bath/shower. If you wish to re-use towels place them on the towel rails.

Save water

Only boil the water you need

Please don’t flush non-biodegradable materials (use bins provided for nappies, sanitary towels etc.)

Compost your waste using the bins provided

Shop locally to support the local economy

Thank you everyone for helping to achieve our environmental goals.

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