Industry Predicts UK Staycation Boom for 2021 & Beyond

Taking the V out of Vacation, with the option of being able to vacate having been taken away, the rise of staycations has all the potential to fill the market beyond its capacity in the short to medium term.

Self Catering Market Set to Rise

2021 will see a steep rise in demand in the self catering market, currently 19% of holidays in England are in self catering cottages.

Due to fears around public health, indications show a trend of moving away from shared facilities like swimming pools and shared dining facilities but instead are favouring accommodation with the option of a private pool or hot tub where they can cook within the accommodation with close family and friend groups.

Managing Work Commitments with Family time

Working from Home has become the new norm with both individuals and organisations realising that the office in its historic form may well be something we don’t return to. Working from home may provide greater flexibility for families combining holidays with work commitments our 4G wifi on the farm extends through outdoor spaces to, allowing flexibility and connected workspace.

The Rise of Staycations

All the trends point towards UK tourists choosing to stay within the country for their holidays in the near future.  Booking for both 2021 and 2022 should be a very real consideration to avoid yet another year with no family holiday.

The number of days holiday being taken now has dramatically decreased – 73% of people have taken no days holiday in April 2020 at all. 

This will leave many people throughout the country with a backlog of annual leave to take from work and, due to travel restrictions and quarantines, a limited choice of places to choose from, with the UK being top of the list.

Holidays within the UK are not only a financially safer option for most, but many people will find staying with the UK to be a less stressful option as you don’t have to worry about local health advice and medical practice differing from home.

Making the Switch to a Green Travel Destination

People are concerned about low impact travel now more than ever. In the 25-49 age group, 30% say they would consider swapping a holiday abroad for one in the UK to reduce the impact of travel on the environment, a 2% increase over just 6 months. (YouGov) Green Holiday Destinations make more sense than ever before here are some of the measures we are taking: A Sustainable green holiday destination

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